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Queensmead Primary Academy



Starting on 4th December, you will find one video clip for each school day until the end of the Autumn Term. All you have to do is click on the date to watch the clip and try to complete the Christmas-themed Maths challenge. The links to the videos will be posted daily below this message. If you want to send in any solutions, please use the electronic form on the right to be put into a raffle to win a prize.

Click here  to see the ChristMATHS challenges of the day (we have put them below for those that may have issues accessing the videos)

Good luck and have fun!

Mrs Richards

Christmas Holiday Bonus problem

Thursday 21st December ChristMATHS Challenge - Santa

If I start delivering presents at 11:45pm on Christmas Eve and finish at 5:59am on Christmas Day, how long will I be delivering presents for? 

Wednesday 20th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Latham

It’s 9:15am and Christmas dinner is planned to take place at 12:30pm.

In hours and minutes, how long is it until Christmas dinner?

Tuesday 19th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Santa

Santa’s grotto is 45 metres in length and 30 metres in width.

What is the area of the grotto?

Monday 18th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Jones

Elves have 2 hats. 

Elves have 2 jumpers. 

Elves have 2 pairs of trousers.

How many different ways can elves get dressed?

Friday 15th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Miss Hargreaves

I want to make some festive biscuits. To make 10 biscuits, the recipe requires:

  1. 100g flour
  2. 40g sugar
  3. 80g butter
  4. 1 egg
  5. ½ glace cherry (for decoration)

How much of each ingredient do I need to make 30 biscuits?

Thursday 14th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Inwood

I am planning the music for our class party. 

If each song lasts 3 minutes, how many songs can we listen to in half an hour?

Wednesday 13th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Cory

I am wrapping up pass the parcel for our class party. 

The first layer uses 10cm2 of paper and each layer after uses 2cm2 more paper than the previous layer. 

How much paper will the 5th layer use?

Tuesday 12th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Miss Blaylock

I am preparing pass the parcel for our class party.  I have 32 children in my class. 

If I want every child to have 2 turns, how many layers do I need to make altogether?

Monday 11th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Miss Fletcher-Brown

Our class have been busy making decorations for the school fair. 

We made 30 decorations in 1 hour. 

If we keep making decorations at the same speed, how long will it take to make 100 decorations?

Friday 8th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Peutherer

I want to bake a Christmas cake.

According to the recipe, Christmas cake takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to bake plus 25 minutes to prepare. 

How long will it take me altogether?

Thursday 7th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mr Gobey

I have 30 children in my class.  I am thinking of making star decorations out of lollipop sticks.  How many lollipop sticks will I need for every child in my class to make a star decoration like this one?

Wednesday 6th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Alton

Biscuits come in packets of 12.  There are 29 children in my class. 

If I buy 6 packets of biscuits to share with my class for our Christmas party, how many biscuits will each child get? 

How many are left over?

Tuesday 5th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Bradley

Monday 4th December ChristMATHS Challenge - Mrs Richards



To decorate our Christmas tree, we’ll need lots of decorations!

We will need 3 metres of tinsel, 12 purple baubles, 12 silver baubles and 1 star.

Tinsel costs £1 per metre, baubles cost £3 for a pack of 6 and a star costs £5. 

How much will it cost to decorate our tree?