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Queensmead Primary Academy


Summary of Curriculum Intent

'We used the paintz app to make pictures like Mondrian'

'I used primary colours in mine just like Mondrian did'

With technology everchanging, it is important to Queensmead Primary Academy that our pupils are taught computing effectively. Technology is always present in our classrooms so learning how best to utilise its different features is crucial. By the end of Key Stage 2, it is our aim that children are confident and independent computer scientists who can tackle new and familiar technologies and have a clear understanding that they can carry forward in their education and potential careers. 

Our bespoke computing curriculum focuses on a clear progression of skills in digital literacy, information technology and online safety so that our pupils are competent in how to use technology safely and effectively. Key aspects of the curriculum are revisited continuously to ensure that our pupils’ learning is embedded, and their skills are developed clearly. It is important to us that our computing curriculum not only supports our pupil’s creativity but engages them and enriches all their experiences across their school career.

Online safety is vitally important in our school and as part of our teaching. We ensure that pupils understand how to minimise the risk when online and how to follow the safety rules in place by providing responsive and relevant teaching and guidance.

Computing Opportunities

As part of our links with our local Development group, we've joined up with several other local schools to do an online safety competition involving pupils and their parents- a group of judges from across the schools voted for the best posters with the lucky winner receiving a Nintendo Switch! We've recently created Digital Leaders amongst our tech-savvy Year 6 pupils who are tasked to support younger pupils as well as run a club for developing computing skills.


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