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Queensmead Primary Academy

Eco Schools

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the
Eco-Schools Distinction Award.


A lot of hard work and dedication goes into achieving this award, here is a brief summary of some things that we have done. See the bottom of this page for a letter from the Deputy City Mayor.

A group of year 5 & 6 children were chosen to form our Eco-Committee (Eco Warriors), who helped carry out a review of our school environment and created an action plan on what we could change or improve. 

One of our action plan points was to improve the school grounds. To do this we received a large number of small trees to be planted around the border of the main playground. We invited parents and carers into the academy to help their child to plant their own tree. Something that will be here for years to come. We planted 450 trees in total and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved. 

Another action plan point was to reduce the amount of waste produced by recycling in the classrooms and also in the dining hall. This would help the environment and also save the academy money. A rota was created for the Eco Warriors to go into the dining hall and show all of the other children how and what can be recycled.  

We plan and deliver lessons throughout the year on the environment and recycling, to educate the children on protecting the environment, in the hope that this is passed on to their families and friends outside of the academy so we can create a sustainable lifestyle for the generations to come.

To find out more about the Greenflag award please visit: 

Forest Foxes Logo Competition

Before Christmas a group of children entered a competition to design a logo for the Forest Foxes.

We are pleased to let you know that one of our pupil’s designs has been chosen as the winning entry.

See the picture above for the computerised version of the entry.