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Queensmead Primary Academy


Fundraising -

Eventerprise is the Academy's pupil-led financial business linked with the Purple Pound Economy.


Some of our hard-working Eventerprise Team

When the Purple Pound scheme started, it was with an annual 'real-money' budget of £300, with which to buy stock for the Purple Pound Emporium. Once the scheme became more established it became fully self-financing.

This was through creating an “Eventerprise Team”: a group of pupils tasked with finding ways to raise real money, through after-school events for pupils and parents, such as “Pizza Parties”,  “Frozen Fridays”, “Popcorn Playtimes”, film-screenings, and discos. The pupils organise the events entirely themselves, coming up with the concepts, designing the advertisements, writing letters to parents, preparing budgets, pricing the tickets, and of course running the events themselves, for example by greeting people at the doors, taking coats, and cleaning up afterwards!

As Eventerprise events require real money, its employees have to pitch each event to the Principal for her approval. The pupils with budget-holding responsibilities then source any necessary stock, making sure they assess best value for money to maximise profit. 

Not only do Eventerprise organise and run profit-making events, they are also responsible for non-profit making opportunities that they, themselves wish to support. Recently, these have included a whole school collection to support Ukraine, a Harvest collection for our local foodbank as well as a non-uniform day (Bright for Sight) to raise money for Vista- a charity that directly supports one of our families.

Each term they are challenged to plan, organise and run one charity event, one school event to generate income for Purple Pounds and one Purple Pound event for employees to enjoy.

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