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Queensmead Primary Academy

Hearing Difficulties

What will happen if my child has hearing difficulties?

If you think that your child has a hearing difficulty you should take him/her to the GP and ask for a hearing test.

Alternatively, the school can refer a child for a hearing test through the school nurse.

If a teacher has concerns about your child’s hearing, they will talk to you about it and ask you to arrange a hearing test.

A serious hearing impairment is usually picked up before the child comes to school and the Hearing Support Team from the Learning, Cognition and Interaction team (LCI) will already be involved. This teacher will liaise with the school and let us know what equipment and adaptations need to be made in order for your child to have full access to learning. This teacher will usually meet with your child’s class teachers and SENDco at the beginning of each year to ensure that they understand the implications of your child’s hearing impairment.

What support will my child get in school?

The Hearing Support Team teacher will advise the school about what support needs to be in place for your child. Our aim will be for your child’s hearing impairment to be catered for so that they can learn alongside their peers.

Adaptations for your child may include:

  • Positioning your child on the carpet and at their table so that they can hear the teacher.
  • Using sound enhancement equipment such as the Soundfield equipment.
  • Helping your child to manage their hearing aids.
  • Minimising background noise in order for your child to hear what is important.
  • Using visual support systems, such as visual timetables or task lists, to help your child to understand what they need to do.

The SENCO and class teachers would meet regularly with you to discuss your child’s progress to resolve any problems that are occurring.