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Queensmead Primary Academy

House Teams

Local green areas

Last academic year saw the re-invention of our house teams, with four new names which reflect our local area that pupils can more easily identify with:

Winstanley - Western - Braunstone - Rancliffe 

House teams play an important role in the Academy: each child (and adult!) is placed in a house team on entry to the Academy. Each week pupils are able to collect house points- for producing excellent work, using superb manners and everything in between!

House Captains are voted for from within Year 6.

House points are then counted by the House Captains who announce the new totals in the Celebration Assembly each week. The winning House at the end of the year receive a trophy, and a visit to their park for a celebration picnic.

There is healthy competition between the houses: pupils are always keen to earn House Points to help their House succeed and take pride in belonging to their Team.