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Queensmead Primary Academy

Meet Dottie

We would like to introduce you to Dottie, our wonderful school dog.

Dottie is a Cockapoo, which are bred to be sociable dogs and are often used as therapy dogs as they are known to be good with children. 

Dottie lives in the main office area of the academy for most of the day but on occasion she is taken around the academy to visit the children. Small groups of children are given the opportunity to spend time with Dottie on a rota basis throughout years 1 to 6.

The children are so pleased and excited when she comes to visit, they are taught how to behave around dogs and have had the chance to walk Dottie around the playground under supervision.

Please keep checking back for 'pupdates' on what Dottie has been doing with the children and staff. 

Dottie Trivia

Dottie was born on 26th April 2020 and she has 4 brothers and 1 sister.  She attended puppy classes and received a certificate for advanced puppy training on 9th December 2020.  Dottie also received her first rosette.

Further training is being given by a kennel club accredited trainer who trains Dottie in school.

Dottie Does .....................

Dottie joined all of the children and had her first school photograph taken.

Over Christmas Dottie helped the academy raise funds by posing for photographs with the children. The children loved it and so did Dottie. We raised £252.

Dottie has various outfits that she likes to wear around the academy.