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Queensmead Primary Academy

Performance Table

Click here to view the Department for Education School Performance Tables for Queensmead Primary Academy.

Our Performance –2022

The data and tables below show that Queensmead Primary Academy results for 2022 were significantly above National Averages across the board in all subjects and for all end of phase assessments.

We are exceptionally proud of our pupils for their hard work and commitment. 


EYFS pupils are assessed at the end of their time in FS. They are assessed against a variety of criteria and receive a judgement of ‘Good Level of Development’ (GLD) if they meet these criteria.



Year 1 pupils are screened to assess their phonic level of understanding. If they do not pass in Y1 they are retested in Y2.


Attainment-% of pupils reaching the expected standard

Year 2 end of KS1 2022


Progress of pupils between KS1 and KS2:

Significant progress measures for 2022 are:

For writing, 2.6 was significantly above National and in the highest 20% in 2022.

For maths, 4.5 was significantly above National and in the highest 20% in 2022.

2022 Attainment - % of pupils reaching the expected standard:

Attainment- % of pupils reaching a higher standard:

In reading – 23%

In writing - 18%

In maths- 31%

Average Scaled Scores