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Queensmead Primary Academy


Reading Survey for Parents | Clover Hill Primary School

Summary of Intent


'I love reading - I like imagining that I'm one of the characters in the story'

'When I'm reading I sometimes forget what time it is and I don't want to stop!'

At Queensmead, reading is placed at the heart of our curriculum as it underpins a child’s understanding of the wider world and provides a pathway to cultural capital and experiences. The design and intent of our reading curriculum is to promote the skills and strategies that ensure pupils leave Queensmead as independent readers, confident speakers with a lifelong love of reading for pleasure. Our teaching of reading can be broken into four main areas: Synthetic phonics, Shared and Guided Reading and the development of our pupils' love of reading.  

The systematic teaching of reading underpins our reading curriculum and supports pupils' development as readers. A range of comprehension strategies are taught to all pupils to support their understanding and comprehension of texts and their ability to confidently approach any new vocabulary. Across the academy, children are heard reading as individuals and in groups. Shared and guided reading sessions use a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts to develop the children’s word recognition, fluency, prosody and comprehension skills. 

Reading for Pleasure 

Sparking a love of reading is a vital part of our curriculum and co-curriculum. Our pupils are provided with a wealth of high quality, diverse material to choose from to encourage their love of reading both now and into their later life.

Reading Opportunities

We hold regular parent events both in class and as additional after- school events such as the World Book Day Treasure Hunt so families can enjoy books and reading together. We also run a number of workshops to support families with understanding phonics and how children learn to read.

'The Phonics Workshop really helped me to understand what it's all about - I was confused but now I'm much more confident'

Pupils here enjoy a myriad of opportunities to celebrate and enjoy books and reading. We always have fun turning our school into a living library by dressing up as our favourite characters on World Book Day and Roald Dahl day when reading is celebrated across the school with fun, reading- activities and interactive storytelling.  Regular local opportunities such as Our Best Book, Our Best Picture Book and Brilliant Book Club have also fostered our pupils' love of books. We are proud to have a resident librarian, Mr Paul Gobey Snr who is timetabled across the school to inspire pupils on their reading journey and support them in how to choose exciting books. As part of our Purple Pounds economy, paid opportunities are in place for Y6 pupils to support younger pupils with their reading following intensive training from our Reading Lead. We frequently hold reading-related competitions and books always make great prizes! 


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